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Cryopak : Product Testing and Cold Chain Logistics Services

Cryopak has developed a wide range of services in the aim to help companies to manage their supply chain and to comply with increasing guidelines that the industries face today. This allows to our customers to comply with regulations and also help them to reduce the costs linked to the market placing on their product and the overhead costs associated.

Our testing services for your regulatory compliance

Cold chain management can be tricky and involves having to deal with numerous government regulations and guidelines. We can help your company remain compliant with all regulatory requirements across the countries you operate in.

  • Proactively identify current and future regulations and guidelines
  • Effectively implement action plans to adhere to cold chain regulations and guidelines
  • Understand and forecast any changes in the cold chain environment along with associated costs

Cryopak can highlight critical factors and gaps that are apparent in your cold chain system. Our analysis will also identify any upgrades that are necessary to make sure you are always up to date with the following cold chain regulations and guidelines :

  • PDA TR 39 et 52
  • USP 1079, Good Storage and Shipping Practices
  • USP 1083, Good Distribution Practices – Supply Chain Integrity
  • GUI-0069 – Guidelines for temperature control of medicinal product during storage and transport
  • OMS Standards on the stability of the medicinal products.
  • ICH Standards on the stability of the medicinal products.
  • FDA Good Manufacturing Practices

These more and more strict rules and guidelines require an advanced knowledge and a significant service offer to comply with them entirely. Cryopak has this knowledge and this comprehension of the rules and guidelines and offers products and services allowing to answer to the need of cold chain management.

The different categories of services offered by Cryopak are :

Our cold chain logistics services

  • Delivery of our refrigerants preconditioned at -20°C or at +5°C
  • Storage of thermal sensitive products at -20°C or at +5°C
  • Assembly and kitting of thermal sensitive products
  • Storage, assembly and preparation of the isothermal solution produced on place
  • Order Picking and shipping organisation

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