Cryo-Bag Rigid Portable Cool Bag

Cryo-Bag : rigid and portable insulated cool bag

Our Cryo-Bag is a high-performing isothermal cool bag, designed for transporting highly-secured pharmaceutical or labile products, or clinical trials.
Its superior insulation is made possible by its ultra-performing 4 cm-thick VIP panels, offering a performance of up to 48 hours in real and even extreme conditions.

This portable insulated cool bag is also very light, fully washable and reusable.
It is particularly suited to transporting samples, organs and labile products from a collection centre to a hospital, for example, or from the patient’s home to a laboratory. It can also be used in sample transfers within the pharmaceutical industry.

Presentation of the Cryo-Bag cool bag

The Cryo-Bag can be used for applications at +2°C to +8°C, +15°C to +25°C and -20°C with our positive and negative refrigerants or with our water-based cooling elements.

Its performance at a room temperature of +2°C to +8°C with 9 consecutive openings spaced an hour apart is 48 hours; which secures all possible uses in this temperature range.
Its performance at a room temperature of -20°C with 9 consecutive openings spaced an hour apart is 24 hours, which covers a large proportion of possible uses.

The Cryo-Bag enables compliance with all appropriate cleaning regulations thanks to its fully washable internal case and outer coating. It offers many practical benefits thanks to its velcro opening, its very robust and adjustable handle, its upper net for placing eutectics and preventing products from freezing, its outer pockets for storing health documents and a temperature data logger.

The use of the Cryo-Bag can be customised with different colours for each temperature range to be maintained (please enquire).

We offer one 16L model, the ideal size of isothermal cool bag for easy handling by humans and adhering to working conditions in terms of loads.

Cryo-Bag Rigid Portable Cool Bag Graph 1
Cryo-Bag Rigid Portable Cool Bag Graph 2

Features of the Cryo-Bag isothermal cool bag


Item Code

Payload Volume 
Empty Weight
Payload Dimensions
Outer Dimensions
Robust portable handle


16 L
2,8 Kg
33 x 23 x 25 cm
41 x 31,5 x 34,5 cm 75 Kg of maximal load

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