Cryo-Cover : polystyrene insulated pallet cover

Our insulated pallet cover is a higher quality alternative to the thermal blankets used on the market for shipping pallets of temperature-sensitive products.

Our pallet cover has superior thermal capacity than thermal blankets because it contains polystyrene insulation whereas the others only contain a reflective material.

Many companies nowadays are striving for better control of their temperature excursions, particularly when transferring a pallet of products when it is waiting on the tarmac or where temperatures may sometimes reach 50-60°C in certain destinations.

The insulated pallet cover allows you to better control these excursions, enabling you to delay and inhibit temperature peaks.

Presentation of our Cryo-Cover, insulated pallet cover

The isothermal pallet cover from Cryopak is very flexible and has the great advantage of being able to adapt to all pallet formats. We could even say it is a made-to-measure isothermal cover.

We offer insulated cover for standard pallets (100 x 120 cm) or for Euro pallets (80 x 120 cm). They are composed of an isothermal lid with the same dimensions as the pallet, and several isothermal rings, a number of which adapt according to the height of your pallet. You can choose between 30 cm high rings or 40 cm high rings.
You adapt the way you use the cover to suit your actual needs, and thereby make savings.

The different elements of the insulated pallet cover comprise :

  • a type B-C brown corrugated cardboard box
  • expanded polystyrene insulation, 3.5 cm thick and with a density of 15 kg/m3.

The isothermal lid and rings are delivered to you flat and have a very simple system for converting them into their rectangular form. For an average budget equivalent to the thermal blankets currently on the market, you can provide the best security for your temperature excursion risks and off more protection for your products. Worth considering!

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Standard US PalletEuro Pallet
ProductsOuter DimensionsInner DimensionsWeightOuter DimensionsInner DimensionsWeight
Insulated Lid128 x 108 x 31 cm120 x 100 x 27 cm4 Kg128 x 88 x 31 cm120 x 80 x 27 cm3,8 Kg
30 cm Ring128 x 108 x 30 cm120 x 100 x 30 cm1,9 Kg128 x 88 x 30 cm120 x 80 x 30 cm1,6 Kg
40 cm Ring128 x 108 x 40 cm120 x 100 x 40 cm2,3 Kg128 x 88 x 40 cm120 x 80 x 40 cm2 Kg

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