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Cryopak : your provider of temperature and humidity data loggers for cold chain control

Cryopak is committed to designing and manufacturing among the most reliable and technically advanced independent data loggers on the market. We offer quality management solutions using a wide range of temperature and humidity data loggers used for the manufacturing, storage and transportation of temperature sensitive products.
Cryopak temperature and humidity data loggers are primarily used for cold chain traceability in order to guarantee that food, medical and pharmaceutical products are produced, stored and transported in appropriate environmental conditions.

The NIST traceability of our data loggers meets international regulatory requirements. We can calibrate them with 3 to 9 points according to the products and requirements of our customers. Our temperature and humidity data loggers are among the most reliable on the market : from +/- 0.3°C to +/- 0.5°C accuracy on average. Whether disposable or reusable, our temperature  and humidity data loggers are suited to all types of usage and even cover the most extreme temperature and humidity levels.

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K1 Electronic Temperature Indicator iMini USB PDF Temperature Data Logger Simple Use iMini LCD Temperature Data Logger Disposable iMini Reusable Temperature Humidity Data Logger iMiniPlus PDF Reusable Temperature Data Logger iLog Reusable Temperature Humidity Data Logger Mirador™ Real-time Temperature Humidity Monitoring iMiniPlus Dry Ice Extreme Cold Data Logger Junior High Temperature Extreme Heat Data Logger Temperature Humidity Data Loggers

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