The Cryopak Europe Team

Your experts for your cold chain management

It is our employees who forge our company’s reputation. We recruit our employees for their knowledge, their experience and their expertise in their skill area, but also for their desire to deliver quality work with a constant objective of meeting the specific needs of our customers.

The Management Board and its experience

William Boulay
General Manager

Sébastien Pallavicini
Finance Controller Manager

Gaël Brosseau
Production and Maintenance Manager

The Management Team

Angeline Tixier Cold Chain Expert

Angeline Tixier
Quality Manager

Tom Harrington
Data Logger Sales Manager

Blandine Pannier Cold Chain Expert

Blandine Pannier
Business Development Manager

Severine Jacquot Cold Chain Expert

Séverine Jacquot
Production Supervisor

The Operations Team

Julien Boulard Cold Chain Expert

Julien Boulard
Metrology Manager

Marielle Laroche Cold Chain Expert

Marielle Laroche
Order Preparation Manager

Joshua Farin Cold Chain Expert

Joshua Farin
Manufacturing Planner

The Logistics Team

Coming Soon

Alexis Charbonnier
Logistics Manager

Laure Saunier Cold Chain Expert

Laure Saunier
Logistics Assistant

Dominique Ferry Ccold Chain Expert

Dominique Ferry
Logistics Preparation Manager

David Soreau Cold Chain Expert

David Soreau
Truck Driver

Thierry de Touteville Cold Chain Expert

Thierry De Touteville
Truck Driver

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