Choosing a +2°C +8°C prequalified insulated packaging for your European shipments

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Buying pre-qualified packaging for your thermal sensitive product cold chain deliveries requires to ensure that the shipping temperatures used for this packaging validation fit well with the reality of your shipments.

The difficulty of a pre-qualified choice

The packaging must be able to resist to the highest and lowest temperatures to which your products are submitted during all your shipments, with the risk to suffer from excursions which put in danger the integrity of your products. Thus, it is necessary to verify this type of information because it is unfortunately not always the case.  

The diversity of the European climates

If we consider only the territory of Europe, your products can cross in 48 hours a diversity of climates, from the most moderated to the most extreme :

– the moderated climates concern the countries of Central Europe as France, Benelux, England or Germany which are low binding.

– the strong cold climates in the countries of Northern Europe such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden where freezing products are recurring issues.

 the strong warm climates as Spain, Italy or Greece where temperatures can grow rashly and strongly.

– the strong cold and warm climates for the countries of Eastern Europe such as Romania, Hungary or Czech Republic which faces to the two types of temperature constraints.

So, Europe can cover outside temperatures going sometimes from -30°C to +50°C. The validation of your packaging must reflect this reality.

AFNOR temperature profiles used in the NF EN 99700 standard for qualification are a working basis for European shipments and they are adapted if the climates of departure and arrival are not extreme :

Temperature Profile AFNOR 48h Summer
Temperature Profile AFNOR 48h Winter

+2°C +8°C prequalified insulated packaging for all European climates

Temperature Profile AFNOR 48h Summer
Temperature Profile AFNOR 48h Winter

Inspired from the Canadian climates, the Time Saver range has been designed to keep temperatures between +2°C and +8°C in extreme climatic conditions.

The range of shipping temperatures used for the validation of the Time Saver shippers is between -20°C and +40°C, it therefore answers to the contraints of the European climates to which your products can face. Time Saver covers shipping durations up to 48H for payload volumes up to 22L.

It is an off-the-shelf set composed by an insulating packaging in polystyrene of 5cm thickness and high density, the necessary gel packs, an inner carton to place your products inside and a certificate of qualification.

Time Saver is a range of isothermal solutions which combines performance and price competitiveness. Some sizes are qualified with three possible configurations (summer, winter, intermediary) which made this product unique and adapted to any situation.

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