Cryo-Pur Injected Polyurethane Insulated Shipper

Cryo-Pur : insulated shippers in injected polyurethane

Urethane insulation delivers excellent thermal conductivity, also known as “Super K”. In addition to its low heat conductivity, the polyurethane foam formulation used by Cryopak in its manufacturing process is both robust and light.

Our range of Cryo-Pur isothermal shippers in injected polyurethane enables your products to be kept under cold chain for a transportation period of between 48 and 72 hours.

This isothermal packaging is primarily used in the healthcare sector and more particularly for pharmaceutical distribution.

Presentation of the Cryo-Pur series

This range of insulated shippers is generally used for shipping at +2°C to +8°C or at +15°C to +25°C. Different cooling element configurations are offered and selected from among our ranges of Ice Packs, our Flexible Ice Blankets or our Phase 5 and Phase 22.

The injected polyurethane foam for the formulation of this packaging is of :

  • medium-to-high density, between 23 kg/m3 and 35 kg/m3
  • different thicknesses between 5 cm and 6 cm

Their dimensions and weights are optimised for transportation, enabling you to reduce your shipment costs. The external cardboard boxes of our Cryo-Pur packaging are pre-printed with the labels necessary for transporting temperature-sensitive products between +2°C and +8°C but we can also offer a non-printed or customised box to suit your requirements (please enquire).

Cryo-Pur Injected Polyurethane Insulated Shipper Graph
Cryo-Pur Injected Polyurethane Insulated Shipper 2

Our different sizes of insulated shippers in injected polyurethane

The Cryo-Pur series is available in 4 sizes of isothermal boxes with a total internal volume of 45L, 69L, 76L or 115L. Certain items are subject to volume conditions (please enquire).

Our product references


Item Code

Inner Volume
Inner Dimensions
Outer Dimensions
Units per pallet


Cryo-Pur (S)
45 L
48,5 x 48,5 x 20 cm
59,5 x 59,5 x 31 cm 24


Cryo-Pur (M)
69 L
48,5 x 48,5 x 30 cm
59,5 x 59,5 x 41 cm 16


Cryo-Pur (L)
115 L
48,5 x 48,5 x 50 cm
59,5 x 59,5 x 61 cm 12


Cryo-Pur CA-21
76 L
58,5 x 48 x 38 cm
70,5 x 60 x 50 cm

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