Cryo-Xpress : insulated packaging in assembled polystyrene 

Cryo-Xpress, our range of isothermal packaging in assembled polystyrene panels, is an all-in-one solution for delivering or transporting your products under cold chain. This range was developed from superior quality materials to deliver thermal performance over an average duration of 48 hours, depending on the temperature range to be maintained.

Many food industry players, particularly those in e-commerce, have already adopted this concept, which secures the temperature of the strictest products, including in the summer period where other concepts reveal their limits.

This insulated packaging is also used in the pharmaceutical field, depending on the desired use and performance. Our customers in this sector more often turn to pre-qualified concepts such as Time Saver™ or Cryo-Box.

Cryo-Xpress Assembled Polystyrene Insulated Packaging
Graph Cryo-Xpress Polystyrene Insulated Packaging
Cryo-Xpress Assembled Polystyrene Insulated Packaging Format

Presentation of our insulated packaging in assembled polystyrene

We offer a kit including a robust external box, corrugated brown card and polystyrene panels to be easily assembled by yourself. The polystyrene used to insulate this isothermal packaging is between 3.5 cm and 5 cm thick and has a density of between 15 kg/m3 and 20 kg/m3, depending on the model offered.

Our Cryo-Xpress are delivered disassembled in order to reduce your storage space and optimise your transport costs: it takes just 2 minutes to assemble a shipper. Thus, you will receive the flat cartons, the base/top panels, small side panels and large side panels that you can insert very easily in the packaging.

Our Gel Packs, Ice Packs or other cooling elements can be purchased in addition, to form a complete solution. Under certain conditions, we can customise the external box with your company’s logo or with the instructions necessary for the transportation of your products (please enquire).

Our different sizes of Cryo-Xpress

Our range comprises 4 standard sizes: 10L, 16L, 35L and 50L but we can also review a specific design for a shipper suited to your products (please enquire).

Our product references


Item Code


Unit Weight

Inner Dimensions

Outer Dimensions

Units per pallet


Cryo-Xpress 10L
3,5 cm thickness

550 g

29 x 16 x 22 cm

 36,5 x 24 x 30 cm 90


Cryo-Xpress 16L
3,5 cm thickness

800 g

31 x 23,5 x 22 cm

 38,5 x 31 x 30 cm 85


Cryo-Xpress 35L
3,5 cm thickness

1,3 Kg

32 x 32 x 34 cm

 40 x 40 x 42 cm 45


Cryo-Xpress 50L
5 cm thickness

1,97 Kg

49 x 29 x 35 cm

 60 x 40 x 46 cm 28

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