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Flexible Ice Blanket Eutectic Mats

Our FIBs : eutectic mats or flexible ice blankets

Our Flexible Ice Blankets are eutectic mats composed of 99% water, optimising the way your temperature-sensitive products are kept under the cold chain.

It is a unique refrigeration system containing a patented formula and offering both optimum thermal protection and mechanical protection thanks to its ultra-resistant 12 ml cells. These act as a protective shield for your most fragile products.

The quality of our ice blankets complies with FDA food regulation 176.170. They are non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable and reusable.

Use of our FIBs, eutectic mats or flexible ice blankets

Our FIBs can be used on their own to refrigerate products over several hours, or in addition to eutectic gels or plates to maintain the cold chain over a longer duration, enabling the cold to better circulate the entire product surface.

Our FIBs are very simple to use : you can freeze and/or refrigerate them according to how you wish to use them.

You can roll your product up inside the eutectic mat, insert your product between two ice blankets, or position an FIB on top of your product so that the cold is drawn down into your packaging.

Our eutectic mats are particularly widely used in the healthcare sector to prevent cold peaks or the freezing of sensitive products that must be kept between +2°C and +8°C.

Our ice blankets are also used in the food industry to refrigerate products, such as shellfish or fruit and vegetables, for example.

The different sizes of FIBs

We have 3 standard sizes of FIB, but we can also make custom sizes (please enquire).
The standard width of our ice blankets is 43 cm and their length varies according to how they are to be used: 52 cm to insert in a small package or to cover a plate up to 3.3 m to cover a pallet of products.

Flexible Ice Blanket Eutectic Mats Small

Our product references


Item Code




Units per pallet


F.I.B 7 x 12 cells

52 x 43 cm

1 Kg



F.I.B 17 x 12 cells

125 x 43 cm

2,5 Kg



F.I.B 44 x 12 cells

330 x 43 cm

6,3 Kg


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