-21°C Gel Pack

Gel Packs -21°C™ Negative Cold Frozen Refrigerant

-21°C Gel Pack : negative cold eutectic pouch for frozen applications

The cold chain of frozen products is the most difficult to maintain, since the greater the difference between external temperatures and the temperature inside the packaging, the more sensitive the product is to temperature variations.

Our -21°C Gel Pack is a negative phase change material, which maintains the cold chain of your frozen products during transportation.

It is an economical solution, easier to store and much less hazardous to use than dry ice. It is also a cooling element that is accepted in all countries, unlike dry ice.

Our -21°C Gel Pack is non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable.

Use of the -21°C Gel Pack, negative cooling element

-21°C Gel Pack is very simple to use : you freeze it at a temperature below -25°C for several days until it is fully deep-frozen. Then, you insert the -21°C Gel Pack directly into your isothermal packaging, taking care to create a belt around your products.

To ensure the cold chain of your frozen products, it is important to insert enough -21°C Gel Packs into your container to maintain -20°C for the required duration.
However, it is also essential to choose an isothermal packaging that is sufficiently insulating to create a barrier against external temperatures and to ensure performance.

Our technical teams are on hand to assess the packaging and number of -21°C Gel Packs necessary to maintain your cold chain, depending on the duration of your transportation and destination.

Format of the -21°C Gel Pack, refrigerant for frozen products

Our -21°C Gel Pack is presented in the form of a small flexible 440g pouch, which easily inserts into any type of container.

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–21°C Gel Pack


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