iMiniPlus Dry Ice

iMiniPlus Dry Ice Extreme Cold Data Logger

iMiniPlus Dry Ice : extreme cold temperature data logger

The iMiniPlus Dry Ice is a temperature data logger specially designed for extreme cold. It is particularly suited to the transportation of temperature-sensitive products using dry ice.

The iMiniPlus Dry Ice exists as a single-use version and as a reusable version.

Features of the iMiniPlus Dry Ice temperature data logger

The iMiniPlus Dry Ice has an external stainless steel probe, connected to the logger by a meter-long Teflon cable. Longer cables can also be supplied.

The iMini Dry Ice works over a temperature range from -100°C to +40°C. It delivers between +/- 0.6°C and +/- 1°C accuracy. Its compact size enables it to be inserted on the outside of any type of container : it measures 8 x 6 cm and weighs only 70 grams (including battery). The battery life is between one and two years, depending on how it is used, and the battery can be replaced by the user.

The iMiniPlus Dry Ice has an 8K memory capacity, i.e. 8048 readings. The measurement frequency is between 5 seconds and 18 hours, depending on the duration of recording defined when the device is programmed. The iMiniPlus Dry Ice extreme cold temperature data logger has an LCD screen which operates between -20°C and +70°C. Outside this temperature range, the data logger continues to log data.

2 alarm levels are possible, with one high alarm and one low alarm. It is also possible to deactivate the alarms and to programme the probe in record-only mode.
If the alarm level is exceeded, a visual alarm is activated on the LCD screen of the iMiniPlus Dry Ice.

For the healthcare sector, we calibrate the loggers with 3-point NIST calibration upon request. The calibration certificate is enclosed in paper format with the delivery of the logger and can also be sent by email in PDF format. The iMiniPlus Dry Ice is therefore compliant with the FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 relating to electronic validation, signatures and records.

Two Years Warranty Dry Ice Data Logger
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Use of the iMiniPlus Dry Ice temperature data logger

The user programs the iMiniPlus Dry Ice themselves (password, alarms, alarm trigger mode, recording time after the logger is started or start date, transportation duration, measurement frequency) by downloading the free Console Pro software (see bottom of the page or in the Downloadable Software section).

The data logger box must not be inserted inside the extreme cold environment for risk of stopping the LCD screen from functioning, but particularly of severely damaging the iMiniPlus Dry Ice battery. The probe must therefore be inserted in the environment to be monitored and the box left outside it.

To start the logger, press on the START button for a few seconds until the STOP message disappears. At the end of the recording, you simply press on the STOP button for a few seconds to stop it. The multifunctional LCD screen then provides several levels of information :

  • The highest temperature, the lowest temperature and the average temperature recorded
  • Any alarms triggered (high and/or low)
  • The time spent outside alarm ranges
  • Battery depletion

In order to retrieve data from the iMiniPlus Dry Ice, connect the logger to a computer using a USB cable (not included) via the serial port and open Console Pro software. Save the temperature report in PDF, CSV or TXT formats, for example.

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