iMini USB PDF Temperature Data Logger Simple Use

iMini USB PDF : single use USB temperature data logger

The iMini USB PDF from Cryopak is the star product among our single-use temperature loggers. This product has been completely redesigned to reduce its size to that of a credit card, and to ensure that the logger has no impact on the temperature of the product it is there to measure.
The great advantage of this temperature logger is that no software is required to be able to read the data. This temperature data logger automatically generates a PDF report thanks to its Plug and Play system. It is therefore extremely easy to use and satisfies any potential IT restrictions at the product destination.

Features of the iMini USB PDF, disposable data logger

The iMini USB PDF is fitted with an internal sensor capable of measuring temperatures between -40°C and +80°C, and is one of the most reliable data logger on the market, with +/- 0.5°C accuracy between -40°C and -10°C, and +/- 0.3°C accuracy between -10°C and +80°C.

Its compact size enables it to be inserted into any type of container: it measures 8 x 5 cm and weighs only 14 grams. It is sealed inside a waterproof plastic pouch to protect its electronic components from any humidity during transportation. The battery life is one year.
It has a memory capacity of nearly 8K and can take 7928 temperature readings. Its measurement frequency ranges from 5 seconds to 17 hours, depending on the duration of the recording defined during programming (over 60 days).

4 alarm levels can be defined with 2 high alarms and 2 low alarms, which are triggered either when the first out-of-range measurement is taken, or after several alarms have been triggered, whether consecutive or not. It is also possible to deactivate the alarms and to programme the data logger in record-only mode.

Finally, our iMini USB PDF can be used in all industry fields and all modes of transport, as it has the capacity to log temperatures for over 60 days, making it a logger suitable for maritime transportation.

For use in the healthcare sector, we calibrate the loggers with 3-point NIST calibration. The calibration certificate is attached to each PDF report generated by the logger, which enables the end recipient to keep a single document compiling the data logged and the calibration certificate.
The iMini USB PDF is therefore compliant with the FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 relating to electronic validation, signatures and records.

Use of iMini USB PDF, single use device

The iMini USB PDF is delivered pre-programmed according to your needs. When the logger is purchased, you specify to us the parameters you wish us to program, using a programming form (alarms, alarm trigger mode, logging time after the logger is started or start date, transportation duration, measurement frequency, etc.). If you prefer, you can also program the iMini USB PDF thanks to the Console Plus software but the plastic sleeve should be sealed by yourself. Once programmed, you simply need to press on the START button for a few seconds until all the LEDs flash; the logger is now set.

Upon arrival, the STOP button simply needs to be pressed in order to stop the recording. If one or several red LEDs are flashing, this means that the alarms were triggered during transportation. If the green LED is flashing, this means that temperatures remained within the programmed alarm range. Finally, you simply need to insert the data logger into a computer’s USB port to retrieve the data with the PDF (or CSV) file, which you can very easily send by email to the sender.

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