K1 Temperature Indicator

K1 Electronic Temperature Indicator

K1 : electronic temperature indicator

By creating a ‘smart’ temperature indicator, Cryopak aims to offer its customers an economical, simple-to-use solution with an accurate system. Unlike less reliable chemical indicators, K1 users can make decisions based on the status of the electronic indicator with total confidence.

The K1 is an ideal solution for online sales or last-mile deliveries of temperature-sensitive food products.
It can also be used in the pharmaceutical sector to monitor shipments that do not need to retrieve detailed temperature data.
The K1 enables you to ensure and to guarantee to the product recipient that the cold chain has been maintained throughout transportation.

Features of the K1 electronic temperature indicator

The K1 is a very accurate single-use electronic temperature indicator. It has an internal sensor capable of measuring temperatures between -40°C and +80°C. Its compact size enables it to be inserted into any type of container. The K1 measures 4 x 5 cm and weighs only 6 grams.

The K1 electronic temperature indicator is sealed in a waterproof plastic pouch to protect the electronic components from any humidity during transportation.

Use of the K1 electronic temperature indicator

The K1 electronic temperature indicator is delivered pre-programmed according to your needs. It is possible to configure one or two temperature alarms which will be triggered if the threshold is exceeded, using a visual indication.

Simply press on the Start button for a few seconds to set.

When the temperature recorded is above or below the programmed temperature thresholds, a red LED flashes. If the temperatures recorded during transportation remained within the programmed alarm range, the green LED indicates “OK”.

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