Mirador™ Real-time Temperature Humidity Monitoring

Mirador™ : real-time temperature and humidity monitoring system

The Mirador real-time monitoring system tracks environmental temperature and humidity conditions during your various production, storage and transportation stages. Mirador enables you to collect multi-site data in one single database.
Mirador is fully secure and perfectly meets the regulatory requirements of the life sciences, healthcare and food industries.
It is compliant with the requirements of FDA code 21 CFR part 11, in terms of electronic signatures and data security.

Features of Mirador™ for real-time temperature and humidity monitoring

Mirador is capable of 24/7 monitoring of temperature and humidity data, but also of differential pressure and/or carbon dioxide.
With a 9-point NIST calibration system, you will have your hands on one of the most accurate sensors on the market. Avoid expired sensors thanks to our automatic calibration reminder. When the expiration date is approaching, we will simply replace the unit.
Mirador records temperatures from -40°C to +85°C, as well as up to 100% humidity with +/- 0.5°C accuracy. 4 alarm levels can be programmed on each sensor. With its internal memory and battery, the probe records continuously, even in the event of a power outage. Your data will therefore be preserved.

Mirador sensors can be fitted with internal probes but also up to 8 external probes. They transmit their data to the reader for 10 milliseconds every 3 minutes, thereby preventing any interference with your other equipment and devices. Mirador works in accordance with the Zigbee protocol, which occupies far less memory space while increasing the battery life as well as the signal range in comparison with WiFi. It has a two-year battery life.

Use of the Mirador™ for real-time temperature and humidity monitoring

You have the option of installing the online software for Mirador on a dedicated server on your premises or of hosting it on our servers. The software updates automatically and we maintain it. The Mirador reader is connected to this server and retransmits in real time the data collected by the sensors situated on the different control points.

No matter where you are, you can receive notification messages via SMS or email. The Mirador interface allows you to securely view your installation and read in real time the data collected by the different sensors. The interface allows you to view the list of recently activated alarms.

The part of the interface reserved for the sensors allows you to extract data and graphs according to different search criteria. An audit interface also allows you to compile these results.

Mirador™ Real-time Temperature Humidity Monitoring Software
Two Years Warranty Real-time Monitoring
Mirador™ Real-time Temperature Humidity Monitoring Installation 1
Mirador™ Real-time Temperature Humidity Monitoring Installation 2

We can assist you with the installation of the Mirador system and test it in order to confirm that it complies with the criteria of the solution provided. We can also help you to qualify the solution (installation, operation, performance) according to a predefined protocol.

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