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Pallet Shipper Insulated Container

Pallet Shipper : insulated containers

Sending large volumes optimises your cold chain performance, since the product’s inertia is greater, enabling the products to be better protected from temperature variations.

The Pallet Shipper is a very light isothermal container, offering superior thermal performance and capable of withstanding the heaviest loads. It has been specially designed to transport pharmaceutical products under cold chain between +2°C and +8°C, for a transportation period of up to 96 hours. Other industry sectors also use this isothermal container, enabling boxes of temperature-sensitive products to be placed on it.

Presentation of our Pallet Shipper

The Pallet Shipper is made from 60 mm polyurethane panels, covered with an kraft surface with a density of 35 kg/m3. It is delivered to you pre-assembled on a US pallet, specially selected to meet international pharmaceutical regulations. It is optimised at the standard pallet size and at the maximum height for air freight.

The Pallet Shipper can be used for applications at +2°C to +8°C and +15°C to +25°C, but also at negative temperatures over a shorter period. We recommend a cooling element configuration in accordance with the expected performance and your transportation plan.

There are many options available with our Pallet Shipper :

  • outer protection cover to secure the delivery as far as its destination
  • sealed to guarantee the inviolability of the insulated container during transit
  • casters to make it easier to move

Pallet Shipper Insulated Container Graph 1
Pallet Shipper Insulated Container Graph 2
Pallet Shipper Insulated Container 2

The different formats of our insulated containers

The Pallet Shipper is available in two formats: one 567L capacity half-format and a full format including two 567L capacity compartments. The full format can also be formulated without the central shelf in order to offer a total internal volume of 1160L.

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Item Code

Inner Volume
Inner Dimensions
Outer Dimensions
Weight with pallet


Half Pallet Shipper
567 L
108 x 86 x 61 cm
120 x 100 x 90 cm 23 Kg


Full Pallet Shipper
1133 L
2 cavities of 108 x 86 x 61 cm
120 x 100 x 158 cm 30 Kg

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