Phase 22™

Phase 22™ Pharmaceutical Refrigerant +15°C / +25°C

Phase 22™ : positive cold eutectic plates or pouches for +15 to +25°C applications

Phase 22 is a positive phase change material enabling temperature-sensitive products to be stored between +15°C and +25°C; this is the temperature range corresponding to the ambient air and now regulated by the Good Distribution Practices.

Phase 22 is primarily used in the healthcare sector, as it delivers very high protection for temperature-sensitive products, including in blood collection for platelets or cord blood, which must be stored at +20°C to +24°C.

Conventional water-based cold sources freeze and defrost around 0°C.
Phase 22, on the other hand, reaches its eutectic point at +22°C and delivers much greater temperature stability during transportation compared with water-based cooling elements.

The use of Phase 22 allows smaller, lighter end packaging to be used, as less Phase 22 is needed than conventional cooling elements to achieve the same performance.

Use of our Phase 22™, eutectic plates ou pouch for +15°C / +25°C applications

Phase 22 must be correctly conditioned in order to deliver its full thermal efficiency.

When transportation temperatures at shipment departure are lower than +15°C (winter period), Phase 22 must be heated to +30°C so that it is in a completely liquid state and it reaches its eutectic point during transportation. It will then absorb the cold and deliver heat in order in order to regulate temperatures at around +22°C.

Conversely, when transportation temperatures at shipment departure are above +25°C (summer period), Phase 22 must be packaged at +15°C so that it is in a completely solid state. It will then deliver cold in order to regulate temperatures to around +22°C.

The ideal is to have a thermal oven (exists in small format) in order to be able to easily conidtion the Phase 22.

The different formats of Phase 22™, +15°C / +25°C refrigerants

Our Phase 22 is available in two formats : either a flexible 170g pouch, or rigid high-density polyethylene 350g and 700g bottles, sealed using their specially patented stopper to provide maximum product security.

Phase 22™ Positive Cold Eutectic Manufacturing

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Phase 22 Panel (S)


14 x 14 x 2,5 cm




Phase 22 Panel (L)


23,5 x 17,8 x 2,2 cm




Phase 22 Pouch


15 x 12,5 x 3 cm



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