Phase 5™

Phase 5™ Pharmaceutical Refrigerant +2°C / +8°C

Phase 5™ : positive cold eutectic plates for +2°C to +8°C

Phase 5 is a positive phase change material, enabling temperature-sensitive products to be stored between +2°C and +8°C by preventing peaks of cold around or below 0°C. Phase 5 is primarily used in the pharmaceutical sector as it delivers very high protection for temperature-sensitive products and eliminates any risk of products freezing.

Conventional water-based cooling elements freeze and defrost at around 0°C. Phase 5, on the other hand, reaches its eutectic point at +5°C. Using Phase 5 enables smaller, lighter end packaging to be used, since less Phase 5 is needed than conventional cooling elementd to achieve the same performance.

Most positive cold eutectics on the market for +2°C to +8°C are paraffin-based; a material with a risk of migrating through the bottle over time.
For this reason, Cryopak chose to develop its Phase 5 with an alcohol base, which gives it a longer cold restitution compared with paraffin bases.

Use of our Phase 5 Phase 5™, eutectic plates for +2°C / +8°C applications

Phase 5 is particularly recommended for shipping products at +2° to +8°C when there are passages at controlled temperature during transportation, such as the use of a temperature-controlled truck, cold storage at the airport or a flight at +5°C, for example.
In this case, the use of water-based cooling elements carries a high risk of freezing during the passages in cold conditions, whereas Phase 5 recharges itself at this temperature.
When shipping includes controlled and non-controlled temperature passages of equivalent duration, we offer configurations with water-based cooling elements mixed with Phase 5.
For shipments at room temperature from departure to arrival, it is preferable to use only water-based cooling elements in order to provide sufficient calorific energy.

Only 1 to 2 stages are necessary to condition our Phase 5 :
⦁ in the summer or intermediate period, we recommend freezing Phase 5 at -20°C then stabilising it at +5°C for several hours before shipment.
⦁ in the winter period, it is possible to eliminate one stage and to simply pack the Phase 5 at +5°C.

Phase 5 can be placed in direct contact with temperature-sensitive products.
Thanks to its connectors, it is also possible to form a cube of Phase 5.

The different formats of Phase 5™, +2°C / +8°C refrigerants

It is presented in the form of rigid high-density polyethylene bottles, sealed using their specially patented stopper to provide maximum product security.
Our Phase 5 is available in two bottle sizes, 350g and 700g.

Phase 5™ Positive Cold Eutectic Manufacturing

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