Cryopak sponsors the Dragons of Rouen for the 2016-2017 season

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Cold Chain Sponsor Hockey Rouen 3
Cold Chain Sponsor Hockey Dragons Rouen

The Dragons of the Rouen Hockey Elite 76 is the most famous French hockey team nationally and internationally known for its good results. They play in Rouen, a club very close to the location of Cryopak Europe.

Our common point is to work in a cold environment !

We partner with the Dragons club and offer them some cold solutions for sports recovery because players needs to bring cold to their body after playing a match.
Sportsmen usually take a bath of ice, sometimes « home-made ». Cryopak brings a professional offer in terms of cold sources thanks to its experience in cold chain in the healthcare sector.

How to repair sports injuries ?

Ice can be used for immediate treatment of soft injuries and also during rehabilitation. During immediate treatment, ice is used to reduce the body’s reaction to injury as it will :

  • Decrease tissues bleeding
  • Prevent or reduce inflammation
  • Reduce muscle pain
  • Reduce pain (numb of the area and limit of swelling effects)

The effects of the ice will reduce excess tissue fluid due to injury and inflammation and will prevent the area from becoming stiff.

During rehabilitation, the use of ice will restore normal function. It can be combined with other treatments, as exercise, because it allows to reduce pain to allow better movement. In this case, it can be useful to apply ice before exercise because the area will be a little numb. Ice can be also used during the exercises as it will reduce pain and will facilitate movement around the injury.

The Ice power for the sports injuries

The Flexible Ice Blanket™ is the perfect product for sports injury repair.
Its format can be easily customised depending on the type of person and the body area. They have also the advantage to be flexible and facilitate the adaptation to the body form and to movements. As they are composed by 99% water, they are totally safe. They can be reused a big number of times as they are made with ultra-rugged plastic cells.

Cryopak is also developing some new products dedicated to the cryotherapy ; interesting subject for an important number of sports club in Europe. Here is one of our way of future…

Cold Chain Sponsor Hockey Rouen 2

Win two tickets to assist to one of their games in France !

For that, please reply to 5 questions and send your response to; followed by your contact details (company, name, function, telephone, email address) and your preferred date to assist to a match :

  1. What is the name of our biggest insulated containers ?
  2. How many references exist for our Phase 5 product ?
  3. What is the name of our +2°/+8°C pre-qualified range ?
  4. What is the name of the insulated material used in the Cryo-Box range ?
  5. How many times can you use a iMini USB PDF ?

Cold Chain Sponsor Hockey Dragons Rouen

A lotery will be organised every month of the current season and the winner will win 2 tickets to assist to the game of its choice.

Click here to see the 2016-2017 calendar of the Dragons of Rouen.

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