Cryopak recently unveiled the Contactless Temperature Logger (CTL), its new data logger with wireless capabilities.

The company said the latest addition to its cold chain portfolio provides an efficient and advanced method in obtaining and syncing data with today’s mobile devices and computers.

The CTL is a plug-and-play device that captures the required temperature data and presents the information in an easy-to-read report available in PDF, Excel and raw data formats. The logger allows a connection for data transfers via mobile app. The first release of the CTL is compatible with Android and iOS devices, and Windows versions are in development, Cryopak said.

The wireless communication between devices can be utilized to synchronize data and time, setup the device, log parameters and download records.

“The CTL is an exciting new addition to our family of data loggers that will offer a simpler and more efficient user experience,” said Parminder Singh, operations manager for Cryopak Verification Technologies. “End users monitoring the temperatures of their shipments will no longer have to rely on a bulky laptop or PC. They can be anywhere within 30 meters (near the truck, in the warehouse or on the dock) and simply download the data wirelessly to a mobile device using our compatible app.”

Singh also mentioned that the information downloaded is easily shared with anyone with one click, eliminating the need for saving and uploading files.

A primary application for the use of contactless data loggers is in temperature mapping studies, the company said. This type of study consists of monitoring the environmental conditions of a storage space at a regular interval for seven days.

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