Isothermal Packaging

Cryopak : your provider of isothermal passive packaging for cold chain maintenance

Cryopak provides a wide range of isothermal packaging capable of maintaining your temperature-sensitive products at temperatures between -80°C and +25°C. It is generally used as an insulating barrier against external temperatures and combined with refrigerants to deliver the cold.

The more insulating the packaging, the less refrigerant is needed, the lighter the package, and the better the transport costs are optimised. Designed using different insulating materials, from small sizes to pallet size, our insulated packaging is suitable for all types of product transportation.

The choice of insulating material for the isothermal packaging used to transport your products depends primarily on the transportation duration and temperatures, but also on the value of the product to be secured.

Polystyrene insulated packaging

This is generally used for shipments of up to 48 hours in temperate climates. Small to average-sized packaging is available in two versions :

  • in assembled polystyrene panels, enabling them to be delivered and stored disassembled : Cryo-Xpress
  • in a moulded polystyrene block for optimised thermal performance : Cryo-Rpop

The TimeSaver™ is pre-qualified for +2°C to +8°C for shipments from 24h to 48h.

Polyurethane insulated packaging

Polyurethane provides insulating properties that are superior to polystyrene.
Polyurethane isothermal packaging is generally used for shipments between 48 and 96 hours, and can withstand the most extreme climates. This small to medium-sized packaging is available in two versions :

  • injected polyurethane foam for 48 hours performance : Cryo-Pur
  • assembled polyurethane panels, of different thicknesses : Cryo-Box, Cryo-Case

Our Cryo-Cube and our Cryo-Bag use VIP (Vacuum Insulation Panel) technology, delivering thermal performance that is superior to polyurethane and capable of maintaining temperature for durations of up to 144 hours.

Insulated Containers and Pallets

Shipping in bulk volumes makes your cold chain secure and demands isothermal packaging that is suited to all types of transport and all destinations.
Cryopak offers you the Pallet Shipper, a polyurethane insulated container enabling you to insert boxes of products. When you want to ship a full pallet of product, there is the Pallet Transporter, which is available in a polystyrene version and another polyurethane version, depending on the desired performance.

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