Isothermal solutions for the logistics sector :
insulated packaging, eutectic refrigerants, temperature data loggers

Many companies in the pharmaceutical or food sectors entrust the transportation of their product to specialised logistics companies who have a duty to offer transport solutions that are suitable for temperature-sensitive products, whether by road, sea or air.

Cold chain integrity is increasingly important, markets are globalising and emerging countries are getting richer. Logistics experts must ensure, through the services they offer, that products are transported in a continuous way, by fully controlling temperature and recording, and by managing information throughout the logistic chain.

Thanks to partners like Cryopak, logistics players can provide services that adhere to transportation constraints for temperature-sensitive products, and propose numerous customised solutions in terms of isothermal packaging and cool elements.

Cryopak : cold chain partner in the logistics sector

Cryopak has developed a varied range of pre-qualified insulated packaging that is according to different temperature profiles, refrigerants, temperature and humidity data loggers, no matter where in the world the products are to be shipped, for shipments of up to 144 hours in the most extreme conditions.

Cryopak’s assets for the cold chain of the logistics sector

Our products allow logistics players to maintain a cold chain, however long the journey, combining cutting-edge technology with relevant experience. Their services and knowledge are increasingly used by companies responsible for managing costs, losses and margins. This enables their customers to concentrate entirely on their basic skills and to entrust their logistics to specialists.

Our products are suitable for frozen, refrigerated or room-temperature transportation, from small shippers to insulated pallets.

Our temperature data loggers are designed to monitor the longest shipments and have been created for ease of use and of data exploitation.

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