Holidays have begun, the sun is shining, this is the picnic and camping season!
Here are some tips to maintain your food safe in the cooler to fully enjoy these moments:

– Put your réfrigérants in your freezer at least one day before the picnic
– Put only fresh food into your cooler
– Place your refrigerants on the top of your food: heat rises but cold air sinks
– Your most sensible food should be stored directly under the refrigerants, whereas the other products can be placed at the bottom of your cooler
– Store your dry food separately
– If possible, place your drinks in an other cooler because you should open it more often than the one with your food
– You can put additional refrigerants in the cooler if you have enough room, but don’t forget that you will have to carry it!
– Keep your food away from the sun as much as possible

You can now enjoy your picnic and your holidays!

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